Who we are.

Lalibela Knits is a realization by a group of investors and industry professionals to combine their multitude of experiences to establish a first-class garment manufacturing operation in Amhara, Ethiopia.

The production unit in Amhara is managed by Tony Corlett with over 30 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience across Africa and Asia. Having worked for some of the leading retail brands in the world he has garnered the experience necessary to make our Amhara operation a leading manufacturer in Africa, supplying some of the largest retailers in the global market.

Global marketing and sales operations is overseen by Stefan Strandlund. Having worked for over 20 years in Asia, Africa and Europe for leading manufacturers and global retailers he has extensive know-how of the manufacturing, buying and planning process required to meet the demands of our clients.

Our Planning and Merchandising is managed by Belay Mengistie. A seasoned merchandiser who has spent more than 25 years managing the sourcing and manufacturing operations for key US and European buyers, with spells working in India, Ethiopia, China and Bangladesh.

To support our local efforts, we have engaged senior managers from across Ethiopia with long term experiences from Hawassa, Mekele and Bole Lemi Industrial Parks. The Board of Lalibela Knits is made up of the executive team and investors from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Morocco who all are running successful garment industry related businesses in their respective areas.


Our mission is to engage the local community through employment opportunities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and provide flexible, speed to market, solutions in a sustainable manner for our global customers.

The sourcing and supply chain is set up with sustainable climate stability at the core of its operations. Our raw material suppliers are based in proximity to Ethiopia. Our finished goods are shipped by sea through the Gulf of Suez and on to ports in Europe and the US or to South Africa, promoting sustainable bio-fuel options for all our destinations.


Lalibela Knits is a diverse and inclusive workplace that places our employees at the centre of everything we do. Employing over +2000 workers, we provide life-changing job opportunities to vulnerable communities across Ethiopia.

Our focus is on the social, environmental, and economic impact we have on the community. This is why we have a community-first approach that allows us to conceptualize initiatives to engage and empower our employees and the wider community in which we operate through charitable efforts and a stable workplace.


Lalibela Knits works closely with our customers to promote best practices to ensure a circulatory economy.

Through the guidance of the Resilience Center at Stockholm University, we engage and encourage our global partners to promote reduced carbon emissions, protection of habitats, minimizing land use, reduction of freshwater consumption, promoting circular management of nutrients to preserve air and water qualities and a reduction of harmful chemicals.

 Aware™ for Suppliers

Aware™ empowers a decentralised platform that gives control and voice to all growers and makers along every step of the journey. Suppliers can set themselves apart and be seen by the global textiles industry.

With the Aware™ Digital Tokens, your impact data is disclosed instantly, and will be valued by both brands and consumers (manual TC’s take 3-4 weeks). With our solution, cheating and greenwashing is a thing of the past.

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